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LIUNA Local 271 members are on the forefront of the construction and energy industries. We are united through collective bargaining agreements, which help us earn family-supporting pay, good benefits and opportunity for advancement and better lives.

As union members we do more than build roads, monuments and structures ~we seek to raise the working person to an honored place in our society.


Support West Virginia Teachers

The teacher walkout over pay and benefits in West Virginia began February 22 and shows no signs of an immediate resolution. Classrooms were expected to remain closed as angry teachers return to the Capitol to press legislators to raise their pay, nearly the lowest in the nation, after four years without an increase.

Let's show some support for the West Virginia Teachers who are out on strike.

To show support, please visit the WVEA Facebook page below and share your message of support and solidarity for the members of WVEA.

Letters and message of support and solidarity can be sent to WVEA President Dale Lee, .

West Virginia Education Association

1558 Quarrier St., Charleston, WV 25311

Phone: 304-346-5315, 1-800-642-8261 / Fax: 304-346-4325


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